Our company buys mostly raw cork in the field, ie in the tree in several different areas of Spain and Portugal, which are considered zones producing higher quality cork.

Once purchased the cork tree and extracted by us, we selected in the different types of raw cork we offer are are:

  • CORK CALIBER: The corks called "media brand" and "imperial" are reaching a higher market value. They are intended for the manufacture of natural cork 24 mm. in diameter. In the "media brand" best yields are obtained with automatic drilling machines and the "imperial" with perforated manual.

  • CORK DELGADO:The thin cork has not heavy enough to obtain plug, which is intended for the manufacture of natural washers champagne stoppers, the cork papermaking and utilities generally do not need too thickor.

    CORK REFUGO: The cork refugo market acquires a value much lower than the cork quality, because its characteristics are not suitable for the manufacture of plug naturally therefore generally crushed and industry intended to agglomerate.